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Disney's Magical Express

What is Disney's Magical Express?

Disney's Magical Express is complimentary motorcoach transportation to and from the Orlando International Airport, for guests staying at a Disney Resort hotel, as well as, a complimentary luggage delivery service. 

Disney's Magical Express Bus serivce

How it Works

Disney's Magical Express Must be Scheduled-

  • To be able to use this service you must be a guest staying at a Disney Resort hotel.

  • You will need to schedule or "reserve" Disney's Magical Express and complementary luggage delivery service ahead of time. You will not be able to use this service if you do not have it scheduled ahead of time.

  • To schedule Magical Express you can call (866) 599-0951 or to make a reservation online  here.

Luggage Tags- 

  • When you schedule Disney's Magical Express you will receive luggage tags in the mail approximately 2 weeks before your arrival.

  • If you tag your luggage with these tags Disney will take your luggage from the Orlando International Airport and deliver it directly to your hotel room (for flights arriving between 5 a.m. and 10 p.m.).

  • If you do decided to use Disney's luggage delivery service make sure to tag your checked luggage with the tags Disney sends you prior to leaving for the airport. 

  • Once you drop off your tagged luggage at your "home" departure airport you will not see it again until to arrives in your resort hotel room.

  • Make sure you do not pack anything in this luggage that you will need for the flight or until you see your luggage again later in the day (luggage can take quite a few a hours to arrive so keep that in mind).

  • Don't want to be separated from your luggage or not arriving between 5 a.m. and 10 p.m. You can still use Disney's Magical Express complimentary motorcoach service and bring your luggage onto the motorcoach with you.


  • When you schedule Disney's Magical Express you reserve your spot on their complementary motorcoach transportation.

  • The motorcoach will take you to and from the Orlando International Airport.

  • When you arrive at the airport if you have elected the complementary luggage delivery service you can skip the checked luggage carousel and head right to the Magical Express section of the airport.

  • Arrival- Do not worry if your flight is delayed and arrives later than scheduled, you will still be able to use the motorcoach service.

  • Departure- A day before check-out from your Disney Resort hotel you will receive a paper with information regarding your return trip to the airport on Disney's Magical Express. The departure time you are given is the time you must use, this time is not flexible so be ready or the bus will leave without you.


  • Disney's Magical Express is complementary motorcoach transportation and luggage delivery service from the Orlando International Airport to your Disney Resort hotel 

  • Disney's Magical Express service is only available to guests arriving  and departing from Orlando International Airport

  • You must be a guest at a Disney Resort hotel to use the service

  • Disney's Magical Express motorcoach runs 24 hrs a day

  • Magical Express Luggage Delivery service is only available for flights arriving between 5 a.m. and 10 p.m. Eastern time. If you arrive outside of this window you will have to collect your checked luggage and bring it onto the motorcoach with you

  • Disney's Magical Express must be scheduled prior to your trip

Disney Magical Express bus service

Last Updated 10/24/2019

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