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Disney's Magical Express Will be Ending December 31st

Updated: Feb 12, 2022

Walt Disney World's complimentary bus service from the Orlando International Airport to Disney Resort hotels will be ending. Starting January 1st, 2022 a new service called Mears Connect will be available to purchase.

Staring January 1st, 2022 the Magical Express complimentary bus transportation service from the Orlando International Airport to Disney World Resort hotels will no longer be offered. Mears, the company that ran the Magical Express, will be offering a new similar bus transportation service called Mears Connect. Reservations are now open at

Mears Connect will offer transportation to and from the Orlando International Airport to Disney area hotels. A list of which hotels the company will be servicing can be found on the Mears Connect website, the site also states that more hotels are expected to be added next year.

Mears Connect will have two different levels of transportation that you can book. Standard Level and Premium:

  • Standard level of service is a shared ride service on a Mears Connect (bus or van). The Connection will make a limited number of stops and will have you on your way to your resort within 20 minutes of your check-in to the Mears Connect reception area. The standard level seems like it will be run very similar to the Magical Express, making stops to drop guests off at multiple hotels.

  • Premium Level of service is direct service with little to no wait time.


Mears Connect has these prices listed as "Introductory Rates", pricing may also vary depending on date, number of guests, and hotel. Currently a round trip starts at $32 for adults and $27.00 for children with the standard service. A round trip with premium service is $200 for up to four passengers.

You can make reservations at

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